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Moving Accountants provides tax preparation for Individuals, Small Businesses, LLC's, Partnerships and Corporations. Your forms are filed electronically so you can get your refund faster. 

Are your taxes too high? We look for as many deductions as possible. Do not pay more in taxes than you have to! Some deductions for businesses include home office, insurance, office expenses, phone expenses, etc. We take into consideration all aspects of your business and how we can maximize those deductions. 

As an individual, do you have school loan interest? Do not forget to deduct the interest. All these deductions are extra money in YOUR pocket, not the governments. 

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1040 Form


  •  To qualify for the 1040 form, you have to make less than $100,000 per year, cannot itemize deductions and do not receive income for your own business. 

Note: Individual situations many vary.


Form 1040, Schedules 1-6


Some deductions on Schedules 1-6 include:

  • Large medical and dental expenses
  • Mortgage interest and real estate taxes
  • Large unreimbursed expenses as an employee 
  • Large contributions to qualified charities


Note: Individual situations many vary. 

Schedule C (For Small Business)



  • To qualify for a Schedule C tax return, you have to report income or loss from a business, as well as operated as a sole proprietor. A business is an activity for income or profit that you are a continuous process of.


Note: Individual situations many vary. 

Corporate, Partnerships, LLC Returns


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Tax Preparation done by our Preferred Partner Shraybman Consulting