Retirement services

Why is Retirement Planning so important? It provides ease of mind knowing you and your family have financial means for the retirement years. We believe retirement planning and taxes also go hand in hand. How? 

We can save you money on your taxes by planning for your retirement and deducting the cost from your taxes. This lowers the amount of tax liability owed while saving for your future financial security.

Retirement services provided

 401k & Pension Rollovers
403b Plans
457 Plans
Simple IRA
Roth IRA
Fixed & Indexed Annuities
Multi Year Guaranteed Annuities
Single Premium Immediate Annuities
New Start-up Monthly Contribution Annuities
Defined Contribution Plans (ex: Profit Sharing Plan)
Defined Benefit Plan (412(e)(3) Plan)
Larger Tax Deductible Contributions
Restrictive Executive Bonus Plan – Section 162
Key Person Life Insurance – Tax Deductible Fringe Benefit to Select Key Employees
Split Dollar Plan
Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation/Salary Continuation
Buy-Sell Agreements – Formal exit strategy and funding it